Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting the BEST deals at the most stores

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If you are lucky enough to have more than one type of store around you, i.e. a drug store, grocery stores and Wal-Mart or can get a TON of deals! The hard part is finding the time to go to all the stores to pick-up the deals.

Here is how I do it and save time:

1) I wait and do all my shopping together in one session if I can. I plan it so my route takes me past all of the stores I want to go to, hopefully saving gas by not back tracking.
2) When I see my stores’ match-ups, I print it and gather all my coupons that I want to use at that store, along with a list. I do this for each store that I have coupons and a match-up for.
3) Next, I have a medium size accordian file that I bring in with me to each store. Inside I have the separate files labeled by STORE, and its there that I put my coupons for that store and my list.
4) Last, I head to each store and when I get inside, I take out my coupons and hold them in my hand. This is important for two reasons...impulse buying and knowing which coupons you have used. Its hard to impulse buy when one of your hands is already full! And keeping them in hand keeps me on track so I don’t dilly dally. Once I find the item I want, I put the coupon BACK into the file under the store and take them out again at check-out. This saves time at check-out so you don’t mistakenly give the cashier a coupon you didn’t use, and you don’t have to try and figure out which coupons you did end up using. Any coupons I decided not to use, or couldn’t because the store was out of an item, I put in the back of the file to refile when I get home.

That’s it! It works for me. Please let me know how you save time doing multiple location shopping!

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