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Rite-Aid 101 - How to Save BIG!

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Rite-Aid 101

Rite-Aid has so many programs going on in their stores I thinks it's time for a little 101 on how you can save BIG at Rite-Aid!

Wellness+ Loyalty Card

The Wellness+ Card is Rite-Aid's FREE Loyalty Card - just like any of your grocery stores loyalty cards (in CNY - The Shopper's Club Card for Wegman's, The Advantage Card at Price Chopper etc). You must have the card to get several of the sales going on in the store. But, the Rite-Aid Wellness+ Card is better than your average grocery store loyalty card.

How it Works:

The Wellness+ Card is not only a loyalty card, it is also a Rewards Card. When use you the FREE card, you have points that accumulate that gives you coupons and discounts on your future purchases. In fact, you can save up to 20% off EVERY purchase in the store if you accumulate enough points. And this 20% discount would be for the rest of the calendar year! How awesome is that? As soon as you get your card, you can save 10% on Rite-Aid brand products every day - this never changes.
Each week you also get e-mailed special coupons just for Wellness+ Card Members - usually a dollar off coupon off a purchase - which can be used with MFQ!

This is one of the best rewards program ever - where else can you save 20% on your entire purchase? You can sign up on the Rite-Aid Website or in-store.

+UP Rewards

The +UP Reward is Rite-Aid's newest savings program, just implemented last month nationally. If you have ever shopped at CVS or Walgreen's and gotten Extra Care Bucks or Register Rewards with your receipt, the +UP is the same program for Rite-Aid.

How it works: 

Specific Items or groups of items are promoted in the circular advertsing a +UP Reward. You use your wellness+ card and purchase the item, groups of items or dollar amount of items (depending on the promotion) and a coupon will print out on the bottom of your receipt at checkout for a dollar off amount on your next purchase. You can earn several +UP Rewards in one transaction, but you can only use one at a time on future purchases. Unlike the other stores, no "fillers" are needed to earn or use the +UP Reward coupons.


1) Buy $25 of select P&G Products, get a $5 +UP Reward
I bought 3 packs of Pampers Diapers totalling $26.97, so I got a $5 coupon at the bottom of my receipt.

2) Buy Motrin PM for $3, Get a $3 +UP Reward
I bought the Motrin PM and got the $3 Coupon at Checkout - essentially getting it for FREE.

Note:  You can use coupons on +UP items - so for example - the Motrin PM in the example above - I used a $2.00 off coupon on the product making it a $2.00 money maker since I got $3 back and only spent $1. I also used Coupons on the Pampers Diapers - the $25 requirement is usually before coupons - so this is a way to SAVE BIG at the store!

Video Values

This is a fairly new program at Rite-Aid (since early 2010), but has been a big hit and I hope it sticks around for a long time! These are special coupons that can only be used at Rite-Aid stores.

How it works:

Each month, Rite-Aid has new Video Values Coupons that are available to print from their website, when you watch a short video about the product. You must login to the video values page of the website, watch the video and then you can print awesome (and typically high value) coupons! Yes, the fact that you have to watch a video is a little annoying (and yes - you do have to "watch" it you can't do anything else on your computer at the same time and if you walk away you will miss the code at the end that you have to answer in order to be able to print the coupon) - but truthfully most of the videos are short and some are very cute! My favorite so far was the Huggies Jeans Diaper one - I saw it on the Video Values Site before I saw it on TV. Plus, then I got a Coupon to Save on Huggies Diapers!

There are TONS of videos to look through - for July there are over $100 in savings on products we use everyday - Kotex, Huggies, Maybelline, Clorox, Viva Paper Towels, Glad Trash bags, Hershey's and so many more!

There are also $5/$25 Coupons available - usually 2, plus when you get 20 video credits (watch around 20 videos) you get a $5/$20 Purchase Coupon! These coupons are the best for saving in the store - I use them on products I don't have a coupon for - that way I continue to save BIG!

The coupons are good for 2 months, and are usually on products that are already on sale - meaning you get the sale price PLUS the coupon and sometimes a MFQ with it or a rebate meaning you just saved a lot of money! Now you see why I LOVE the video value coupons?

Single Check Rebates

Single Check Rebates have been around in Rite-Aid for years - and for a good reason. This is the BEST rebate program around - I haven't seen one better! They make it so easy to get your money back, how could you not participate in the program?

How it Works:

Each month, Rite-Aid releases a HUGE list of items that will have a rebate in their stores. The list is conveniently online, or you can pick up the flyer detailing all of the rebates in-store. Typically over $400 of rebates are offered every month, I've seen it as high as over $900 at times.

To get the rebate:

* Buy the exact item listed in the rebates online or in the flyer (and usually signed in the store as well).
* Enter your receipt information online or on the back of the rebate flyer (Online is the way to go!)
* You have 1 month after the month ends to enter the receipt information.
* If you are online - just click "Send Me My $" and you will get a check in 2 weeks (give or take a day or so - but usually it is within 2 weeks)
* If you choose to mail your information - it will take around 6 weeks to get your money back.
* When you get your check - you can use it in-store like a coupon or a gift certificate towards your purchase!

Other Rebate Programs

Rite-Aid does have some other rebate programs available which you will see on your Single Check Rebate status online (this is why online works SO much better). The difference is that these rebates are mailed separately from the main rebates and may come earlier or later than regular single check rebates.

Current Rebate Offers:

Allergy Rewards:  Earn a $25 Reward Gift Card for every $75 you spend on select Zyrtec or Benadryl products until 8/24/10.

Huggies Rebate:  Buy 5 packs of Select Huggies Diapers till 7/24, get a 6th pack FREE.

Skin Care Rebate:  Spend $25 on select skin care products - get a $10 Gift Card, Spend $50  - get a $25 Gift Card. And, if you use your wellness + card for the purchases you get $5 more added to the card! This offer is good until 7/24/10.

You may have to register for some of the rebates separately, but you only need to enter your receipt once for any of these offers or the Single Check Rebate Offers. The system will know which products qualify for which offers - sometimes a product will qualify for more than one rebate - save BIG!

That's Rite-Aid in a nut shell - so many ways to save and Save BIG! Contact me with any questions you may have about any of the programs in the store!

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