Monday, December 20, 2010

Nescafe Taster's Choice Sampler Pack & Coffee Mug Giveaway!

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Do you ever get up in the morning and just want a cup of coffee sooo bad? Yeah - I know must of us moms have that morning every day! Well, some of us moms make the time to get the coffee ready the night before and maybe program it too so its ready when we wake up. Sadly, that is not me! And I have a programmable coffee maker too! For some reason I just cherish every moment of time I have after the kiddos go to bed, I don’t want to spend it on the next day!
So, here is what I have been doing for the last several months. When I drag myself out of bed in the morning, I want coffee NOW. But, I’m always too busy getting the kids dressed and ready for that bus - (because they NEED to go on that bus) that if I stop to make a pot of coffee in the midst of that - someone is going to school without a hat or lunch or something, because then I’ll be rushing. Anyhow - luckily for me these really cool Instant Coffee Single Serve Packets came out! I’m sure you have seen them in the stores, they seem to be taking over the coffee aisle. Whoever invented these things is my new BFF. Because now, I get my cup of coffee in the midst of all the morning chaos. I just put the tea kettle on when I go downstairs with the kiddos, and when I am making lunch for Michael - I quickly make my cup of coffee. While we wait for the bus - mommy has her coffee and life is good.
Yep - I was SO glad I had these in the house when our regular coffee maker bit the dust last month - never fear I still had my coffee while we waited for time to go and grab a new coffee maker. I was in no rush - I had my coffee everyday! Now, for those of you that remember the “old” instant coffee that was out oh so 6-7 years ago even - THIS IS NOT THAT. Nope - this “instant” coffee doesn’t taste instant at all! And my husband, who is a HUGE coffee drinker - will drink it black all day at work - didn’t believe me that it was just as good as brewed. He was pleasantly surprised when he had a cup - it was nothing like he imagined. Last month I traveled to Florida if you remember - and I brought my Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee Sticks with me. The first morning at our place - no one had made the coffee yet when I woke up and I had no clue where things were..Ta DA! I made my own cup of Jjjoe and was sooo happy!
I fell in love with Taster’s Choice because they offered a sample a while back - and while my favorite is the French Vanilla. (Though I do get bummed because that flavor is hard to find in stores) I use the regular faithfully and now have ventured onto the Columbian Roast.
So, if you have not tried these for any reason - try them now! You can get a coupon from here! And, right now you LIKE Nescafe USA on Facebook and get a Sample! If you want to WIN some - see the giveaway details below!

Giveaway Details:

* Giveaway will run from today through Wednesday December 22nd, 8:59 AM.
* Giveaway is open to Residents of U.S., ages 18+.
* To enter, you must answer this question on the comment form of this post, (or below the FB post if you can’t get the comment portion to work) - “What is your favorite flavor of coffee - Vanilla, Hazelnut, Columbian, French Roast or something else?"
Any other comments on the post will disqualify the entrant.
*Winner will be picked by on Wednesday 12/22 and will be contacted by e-mail. Winner must provide First AND Last Name on enrty form.

Enter the Giveaway ON THIS FORM.

You can get extra entries for:

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Thanks and Good Luck! :) I'm off to go make my coffee now!

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  1. Hazelnut is the best, but mixed with french vanilla creamer (or vice versa) is even better!

  2. my FAVORITE coffee is peppermint mocha but can't always get that! :) SO vanilla is my second favorite!!

  3. I love the French Roast made a bit stronger than recommended blended with a bit of heated milk! YUM!

  4. I love Hazelnut, but my favorite is Pumpkin Spice. I wish we had it all year round, but it is only seasonal! Yummy!!

  5. I love Vanilla! followed by french roast.

  6. I like the vanilla
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. Vanilla or Hazelnut.



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