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A little confused at how to start all this? I’ve got the details here on how to get you going on saving you and your family lots of money…and have fun at the same time!
First, click here to see where to get your coupons...because without those, we wouldn’t be here! The next step is to organize your coupons and there are lots of ways to do it. For some ideas, click here.
Good. Now that you have your coupons, and they are organized, time to shop! Well, sort of. Use this site as your guide to getting the best savings on your groceries, mall visits, and lots more. Every week I put up the weekly ad match-up for Price Chopper, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’sand Wal-Mart. My suggestion is to view the match-up, print any printable coupons while you are viewing it, then print it out and bring it with you to the store. Or use it to make your list. Using any of the match-ups will save you money, but the BEST way to lower your grocery bill is to COMBINE the lists and use all of them together. Shopping at multiple stores brings your bill down drastically. And there are ways to cut down on the time spent doing this. For ideas on how, click here.
The last part of couponing and saving money, is STOCKING UP on all the non-perishable products you can while they are on sale. When something goes on sale and you can get it for less than $1 or FREE, buy a TON of it. Stores’ sales operate on a cycle, meaning that “every” item is promoted (put on sale) every so many weeks (usually 5-8 weeks). So, when something goes on sale, buy enough to last those 5-8 weeks.
Along with that, another part at saving money is brand loyalty, or rather NOT having brand loyalty. When is the last time you tried another brand of coffee? Or a different type of toilet paper or shampoo? Before I started couponing, I had been using the same brands of TP, shampoo and coffee for 10 years. 10 YEARS! Consumers don’t like change, and companies know it, so when a new product comes out they heavily advertise and promote it to get you to switch. Before I couponed, I never would have switched. But, NOW, I know that wasn’t very smart! And expensive! For example, just last week I bought some eight o’clock coffee at Price Chopper. I have always been a Folgers fan, but the Eight o’clock was on sale Buy One Get One Free, and I had a $2 printable making it $3.29 for 2 pounds of coffee. Pretty good - I can’t get Folgers for that price! So, I run out of my Folgers, and brew up at pot of the Eight O’Clock Coffee…and whatta you know? I like it BETTER than the Folgers! I never would have tried it before, but now I am so glad I did. The point is, its hard to try new things, but if its FREE or a really good deal why not? I will say though, I have tried lots of shampoos too, and found some I HATE and won’t buy again no matter the price...and some I really like and will use again if the price is right!
So that, in a nutshell, is Coupons101. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or would like to comment!

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How to Organize your Coupons

There are several ways to organize coupons these days to help you take advantage of all the money saving sites online (like mine!). Here are some different ways to do this, find a way that works for you!

First, you can do it the old fashion way...clip the coupons and throw them all in a box. When you go shopping, dig through the box for what you want and off you go! While this may seem funny, this was how I used to do it! I don't have time for that anymore so I adopted other methods.

Photo Credit to
Like the accordian file shown above. This works in more ways than one. You can save all the inserts and file them by date, or clip the coupons and organize them by product or category. The insert method will save you the most time.

The above method utilizes a binder with photo sleeves used as holders for clipped coupons. This is great for those that want to bring your binder to the store with you in case you see a deal that wasn't advertised and know you have a coupon for it. Most people have this organized by product category, but you could clip the coupons and separate them by insert date so you can use match-ups but still have all your coupons at your fingertips.

Next is the method I prefer. This involves no time clipping when you get the coupons. You write the date on the front of the insert, then put the whole insert into a plastic sleeve (like for reports). They can then be separated by tabs with Proctor & Gamble, Red Plum and Smart Source. Then, you can do the same with your printables. I separate mine by store or category, depending on how many are on a page. For loose coupons you can add a section of the photo sleeve holders to organize those.

For those Uber Couponers, the above system is great! If you get multiple copies of the newspaper (more than 2)..this is the way to organize them. Write the date on each insert, and then date each cubby hole. keep one or two of the cubbies for loose coupons.
There are other ways as well to organize your coupons, these just happen to be the most popular methods. How do you do it? Comment below!

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Getting the BEST deals at the most stores

If you are lucky enough to have more than one type of store around you, i.e. a drug store, grocery stores and Wal-Mart or can get a TON of deals! The hard part is finding the time to go to all the stores to pick-up the deals.

Here is how I do it and save time:

1) I wait and do all my shopping together in one session if I can. I plan it so my route takes me past all of the stores I want to go to, hopefully saving gas by not back tracking.
2) When I see my stores’ match-ups, I print it and gather all my coupons that I want to use at that store, along with a list. I do this for each store that I have coupons and a match-up for.
3) Next, I have a medium size accordian file that I bring in with me to each store. Inside I have the separate files labeled by STORE, and its there that I put my coupons for that store and my list.
4) Last, I head to each store and when I get inside, I take out my coupons and hold them in my hand. This is important for two reasons...impulse buying and knowing which coupons you have used. Its hard to impulse buy when one of your hands is already full! And keeping them in hand keeps me on track so I don’t dilly dally. Once I find the item I want, I put the coupon BACK into the file under the store and take them out again at check-out. This saves time at check-out so you don’t mistakenly give the cashier a coupon you didn’t use, and you don’t have to try and figure out which coupons you did end up using. Any coupons I decided not to use, or couldn’t because the store was out of an item, I put in the back of the file to refile when I get home.

That’s it! It works for me. Please let me know how you save time doing multiple location shopping!

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Where do you find all your coupons?

*I have included some sites and stores, they are not the only sites and stores for that particular category, just ones I use often or know they fill that particular category.

1. Newspaper- a little obvious, but with all the printables, it can be a little easy to overlook. If you don't subscribe to a newspaper, try these places to get one or two or three... Also, they might be willing to give you just the ads! The answers here have been tested by other couponers!
-library, nursing home, coffee place, any breakfast place that has newspapers out (some fast food places, etc.), doctor's offices, your next door neighbor (my husband's grandmother saves hers for me), some newspaper offices have places for leftover ads, post offices (same thing), recycle places

2. Printable Coupon Websites
Good- you get to print just coupons you want, good variety, changes a lot
What to watch for- may have a limit (you may only be able to print so many or you may miss out b/c others have printed them all...sometimes the coupon will reset), some stores may not accept (though most are accepting them now...check their policy before going), need to print in color
Red Plum

3. Store Website Printable Coupons - same as above, may only be for this particular store so pay attention to type of coupon, good to use for stacking with a manufacture coupon, sometimes you have to sign up for the store newsletter in order to get the coupons, some are really just red plum or
Target, Price Chopper

4. Mobile Coupons - Give the store your cell number so they can send you coupons on your phone

5. Mobile/Card Coupons- text a code to the store and they will put the coupons on your loyalty card or use a site to do the same thing, for some stores you will probably have to sign up for their e-mails to get the code, Kroger will put your coupons on the card from their site

6. Manufacture Websites- Get it straight from the horse's mouth :) Sometimes you have to sign up for a newsletter, they change so print while you are there, can be a good value

7. Military Coupon Sites
Military Lifestyle Coupons
Maxi Saver Coupons
Smart Source Military Coupons

8. In stores
Look around! You can find lots of coupons on the items (peelies), next to the price (tear offs), on the shelves, in the little coupon machines in front of the items (blinkies)....Keep your eyes open! Take a sales flyer when you come in the door! At CVS or Price Chopper, use your card to check their coupon machine.

9. On/with your receipt
Check all that stuff that prints out with your receipt (catalinas) and check the back of your receipt. Lots of good coupons come with that because lots of times it's based on what you have bought and lots of times they are instore coupons so they are stackable!

10. Facebook- become a fan (or "like") your favorite brands. Check out their page or wait for them to tell you when a coupon is available!

11. Magazines - I haven't seen a magazine with more coupons than All You! It has great coupons and good value ones! Look through your favorite magazine, you'd be surprised to see coupons hiding among the ads!

You tell me...what did I miss? Where do you find your coupons?

*Check out the right side of this blog under "Coupons" for links*

Thank you to Sarah, MyMilitaryMommy for compiling this list and sharing!

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here to go to the MyCNYMommy Page!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Great magazine Offer..$0.70 issue!

Need ideas on how to keep the kids busy this summer? I just found this great magazine (full of ideas) and it's a Great Price..$9.95 for 10 issues! But that's not the FINAL price..go through Mr. Rebates and get back 30% on the price of the magazine! That makes it $7..and $0.70 an issue.

If you want this deal, log in or register with Mr. Rebates here, and if you are new you get $5 just for signing up!

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Mall Coupon Round-Up

Do you have a weekend shopping trip planned? Make sure to print and take advantage of these coupons at some of your favorite places! Enjoy.
Anny Taylor Loft 30% off entire purchase! Expires: 4/25

Carters Printable Coupons

Carter's $10 off $50 or more purchase! Expires: 4/28

Catherines Printable Coupons

Catherines' Plus $10 off $25 or more purchase! Expires 5/9

Coach Printable Coupons

Coach Leathearware 20% off any purchase! Expires 4/25

Coldwater Creek Printable Coupons

Coldwater Creek 25% off any purchase! Expires 5/2

Dicks Sporting Goods Printable Coupons

Dick's Sporting Goods $10 off $25 or more purchase! Expires 4/30

Easy Spirit Printable Coupons

easy spirit $15 off $75 or more purchase! Expires 4/30

ESPRIT Printable Coupons

ESPRIT 20% off any purchase! Expires Ongoing

Famous Footwear Printable Coupons

Famous Footwear $10 off $50 or more purchase! Expires Ongoing

Hollister Printable Coupons

Hollister California 20% off any purchase! Expires 4/30

Lane Bryant Printable Coupons

Lane Bryant $25 off $75 or more purchase! Expires 4/25

Linens 'n Things Printable Coupons

Linens-N-Things $5 off $15 or more purchase! Expires Ongoing

Motherhood Maternity Printable Coupons

Motherhood Maternity Free Gift Bag with any purchase (new customers only)! Expires Ongoing

Sephora  Printable Coupons

Sephora Free Kat Von D Tote Bag with $25 or more purchase! Expires Ongoing

Sports Authority Printable Coupons

Sports Authority $10 off $50 or more purchase! Expires 4/24

Things Remembered Printable Coupons

Things Remembered $5 off $25 or more purchase! Expires 6/20

Aveda is offering you complementary treatments and a free sample of Aveda Hand Relief Cream with this coupon! Expires 6/20

Old Navy is having a bunch of Reopening Bashes and they are giving away a $500 shopping sprees & a $200 shopping sprees, Old Navy Famous Jeans, or Graphic Tees! Just be one of the first 200 people in line and you’ll get something great. Click here to find out more and here to find a participating store near you.

for NEW MEMBERS only - lounge in style! - $10 dress - regularly  $19.50 - JOIN TO GET YOUR COUPON

Make sure to sign up for Pink Nation to receive great printable coupons via email. Just received a $10 coupon for a dress (shown above)!

Bath & Body Works once again has amazing deals! Picture above is $30 what a great gift for Mother's Day! Here is a $10 off $30 Purchase Coupons to help you out. Expires May 9th.

Fashion Bug posted on their Facebook Fan Page this afternoon that they now have exclusive mobile coupons.

All you have to do is text BUGBYTE to 50799 to sign up and it will send you the prompts to reply to. You should get a text for $10/$20 valid through 4/30/10

Print this coupon and save $25 on a $75 purchase at New York & Co. Expires: 5/2

JC Penney Coupons

JCPenney is offering $10 off $50 Purchase. Offer expires 5/10

Children's Place Coupons

Enjoy 15% off at The Children's Place. Offer expires 4/30

The Gap 20% off $75 or more purchase! Expires 4/27

Aeropostale $10 off $10 Purchase! Expires 4/25

$5 flat  rate shipping!

Save $15 on your next Yankee Candle product purchase of $45 or more! Print In-Store coupon here or use promo code XF004A1 on line. Offer expires May 9th.

For any additional missed deals make sure to click the retail deals tab on the right side or simply click here!

Happy Shopping! Thanks My South Central Texas Mommy!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Save 15% at The Children's Place Online!

I love this sweater from The Children's Place! I saw it when it first came out a couple months ago, and now it is marked down and on sale! Save 15% on your online purchase with the code C4A4A.
Want to make this an even better deal? Go through Shop at Home and get 5% cash back on the purchase, plus $5 when you register with them!

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Earth Day Craft Ideas and FREE Subscription!

Happy Earth Day My CNY Readers!! We are happy to share with you some craft ideas to do with your kids! These ideas are courtesy of provides weekly-themed packets filled with crafts, games, books, snacks to create, and links all related to that week's theme. The packets, or e-ventures, are emailed directly to you and the audience is for children up to age 6 or so (although many of their crafts, especially the Earth Week ones, are for kids of all ages). Their site also includes over 100 professionally created craft templates in a user-friendly searchable format with more crafts added weekly.

Click here to
check out their site, for the free download crafts go to the free craft tab, there is a very cute dog puppet, foot print penguin, coloring pages, tons of stuff to do. Summer is going to be here soon, and I am so glad I have found this great resource to keep my 2 bigger guys busy on rainy summer days. A new packet gets emailed to the subscriber every week each Friday. This week's packet (on Friday) will be on Dinosaurs.

As a special offer for MY CNY MOMMY readers, you can get a free one month subscription (no obligation for the future, you will not be required to give any credit card info etc.) To take advantage of this FABULOUS offer you need to go to their site and create an account (again no payment info is asked for) and then send an e-mail to ( requesting the FREE My CNY Mommy one month subscription. This offer is good until Mother's day May 9th.

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A night out at the Movies...for FREE!

Want to go to the movies...for FREE? Here are 2 deals going on right now:

General Mills

To receive your FREE Movie Ticket, enter two codes fromany 2 specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal. Print your free movie certificate and take it to a participating theatre to receive one FREE movie admission! This promotion expires 6/30/10.


Buy Any 4 Bags of Participating Hershey's Candy. Print out their online form and mail it along with 4 Proofs of Purchase (UPC's). You will receive an e-mail to redeem your free movie ticket! This promotion expires 8/31/10.

To get info on the General Mills deal, click here. Need coupons for the cereal? Click here and here.

To get info on the Hershey's Deal, click here. For coupons, look in your SS 4/18, Walgreen's April Coupon Booklet, and here.

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Herbal Essences at Price Chopper 66 cents!

Wow! So glad I have saved my Herbal Essences Coupons! Price-Chopper just released their Thursday-Sunday Coupons and Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner are a GREAT deal! Here is how this deal works:

Go here to print your 3/$5 coupon
Stack with (3) $1/1RP 3/14 or PG 4/7
Final Price: 66 Cents Each!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Discounts & Activities

There are a ton of Earth Day freebies, deals and good causes, both local and national. Here are some great examples!

Deals, Events, Freebies & Activities

Walgreens will be having $1 inkjet refills on Earth Day, 4/22/10 with coupon in Sunday paper (Walgreen's ad) or ads found in store. Click here to check it out or print too. Dial 1-800-WALGREEN to find a location that provides this service near you.

If you own a bunch of old make-brushes, sponges, etc. now is the time to do something with them! You can send them off to EcoTools for their Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign.
EcoTools will collect used cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products and swap them for an EcoTools alternative AND a sample pack. Examples of items to swap include:
* makeup brushes
* body washes and scrubs
* body lotions/butters
* hand creams
* body mists
* bath sponges
For each item turned in, participants will receive a coupon for a FREE EcoTools alternative (up to $7.99 value; limit 2 coupons per person). The EcoTools coupon(s) will be sent to participants within a month of receiving the swapped product(s). The items collected will be recycled. If you are not familiar with EcoTools, click here to see where they can be purchased.
Cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products should be mailed to:
Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 N. Damen Ave., #2D
Chicago, IL 60647

Linens N Things is offering Earth Friendly Savings: 20% Off One Item! Coupon Code: EARTH2010

Get a Free reusable bag at Babies R Us with printable coupon good now through 4/22.

At CVS Use your Extra Care Card and score a FREE Green Bag Tag, which rewards you $1 ECB on every 4th use!

Discovery Channel Store -
Lowest prices offered on top3 DVD Sets! One day only!
#1) Get Life and Planet Earth Blu-ray complete series sets for $50 (71% off!)
#2) Buy Planet Earth and Blue Planet DVD sets together for $40 (75% off!)
#3) New series Life and Nature's Most Amazing Events DVD sets for $40 (56% off!)

Cascadian Farm wants you to join the celebration by pledging to follow a few eco-friendly tips on Facebook. Choose from eight different pledges, ranging from reusing clothes to reducing your speed while driving on the highway, and find the one that fits your lifestyle. For each person that signs a pledge now through May 31st Cascadian Farm will donate $1 up to $40,000 to the Organic Farming Research Foundation, which fosters the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems.
Initiate a positive change for healthier foods and a healthier earth by visiting
here and signing the pledge that's right for you. Visit here to print a $1 off coupon!

Photo of Park Ranger with visitors at Grand Canyon National Park
To make it easier to experience America's Great Outdoors, the National Park Service is waiving entrance fees, so visitors can enjoy all 392 national parks for free April 17-25. Click here for more information!

BBC Earth is offering Planet Earth’s first episode for free instant download on iTunes April 12-26, 2010

ecofriendly 300x190 Free Eco Friendly Baseball Cap From Disney
Celebrate Earth Day Thursday, April 22 at the Disney Store. Just bring 6 empty plastic water bottles or soda cans to be recycled, and receive a FREE Eco-Friendly Baseball Cap. is celebrating Earth Month by offering 15% off on all purchases with code AFFEARTH

Hanes and the Arbor Day Foundation are teaming up to plant trees to celebrate Earth Day 2010!
When you buy 3 Hanes products, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree, up to 20,000, on Hanes behalf. PLUS, you’ll also get a FREE Earth Day T-Shirt. Offer is good from April 1, 2010 – May 15, 2010. Click
HERE for all the details and to get your claim form.

Mambo Sprouts is giving away $10 gift cards to 40 lucky fans! Become a Mambo Sprouts Facebook Fan for your chance to win. Winners will be randomly selected on Earth Day, April 22nd!
Amazon has a new site hereat where customers can learn about green solutions to make every day Earth Day. Customers can save on green cleaning products, personal care, lighting, baby products, toys and more. also has a large selection of green and sustainable goods year-round

is offering their reusable tote for $1.99 and 100% of the proceeds go to their PetSmart Charities! Helping animals and the Earth..what could sound better? :)

Pottery Barn Kids Earth Day Celebration - Earth Day Thursday, April 22, 2010. Celebrate Earth Day with Pottery Barn Kids! Enjoy earth-friendly giveaways for children, activities and story time throughout the day.
Pottery Barn Kids: Earth Day Celebrations will include giveaways and other kiddie Fun! Click here for more details!

Stonyfield is sponsoring the Kokua Festival in honor of Earth day and offering everyone a FREE Jack Johnson MP3 recording (unreleased) when you make an Earth Day resolution.

Earth Week Activities for the Kiddos

Here are a bunch of fun activities you can do with your kids to celebrate Earth Week All of these ideas reuse products you probably already have. Use. Reuse. Recycle.

Recycled Earth Crayons-Take green and blue broken crayons and melt them together to make Earth crayons! Go here for directions.

Juice Box Car and Plane- Use empty juice boxes to create a cool box car or plane. Go here for directions.
Recycled Water Bottle Bowling- Use empty water bottles to have a fun game of bowling. Go here for directions.

Potato Stamp- Use old potatoes to make stamps. Go here for directions.

Paper Bag Teddy Bear- Use paper bags from the grocery store to make a cute bear. Go here for directions.

Egg Carton Bee- Make a cute bumble bee out of an egg carton. Go here for directions.
All of these activities came from
Baby Center.

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