Friday, June 18, 2010

*HOT* Huggies $3 Snug & Dry is Back!

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The $3 Huggies Coupon is back! Print it now before it reaches it limit. There are many place that will have Snug & Dry Big Boxes on sale next week, so get your coupon now!

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July ALL YOU Magazine Coupon Preview

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The new issue of ALL YOU has been hitting mailboxes for the last week! July's issue has over $50 in coupons (not as many as normal - but that is because they are better coupons). I got mine yesterday and immediately starting figuring out where I was going to use each coupon! Check out all the coupons included:

$1 off Borden Singles Sensations (exp 9/5)
$1 off Brut Fragrance or Anti-Perspirant Product (exp 7/31)
$1 off Chips Ahoy! made with Reese’s or Chips Ahoy! made with Heath, 9.5oz package (exp 12/31)
$1 off Contessa MicroSteam or On the Stove Meals (exp 9/30)
$.75/1 Colgate Adult or Children’s Toothbrush (excl. Colgate Plus or Colgate Plus Extra Clean) (exp 8/31)
$1 off Colgate ProClinical 4.0 oz. Toothpaste Varient (exp 8/31)
$.50/1 Colgate Wisp 4ct or higher (exp 8/31)
$.50/1 Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes Tub, 42 ct. (exp 9/30)
$1 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper, Double Roll 12-pack (exp 9/30)
$1 off WYB Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles and All You August Issue (exp 8/27)
$1 off Earth Options by Raid House & Garden or Rose & Flower products (exp 8/30)
$1/3 Edy’s, The Skinny Cow or Haagen-Dazs cups 3.6oz + (exp 8/31)
$1 off WYB Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion and All You August Issue (exp 8/27)
$1.25 off Fast Classics Bag (exp 9/30)
$1 off Fast Fixin’ Product 20 oz. + or Fast Fixin’ On the Go (exp 9/30)
$1 off WYB any Glade Product and All You August Issue (exp 8/27)
$2 off Green Works Naturally Derived Laundry Detergent (exp 8/31)
$.75/1 Green Works Naturally Derived Cleaning Product (exp 8/31)
$1 off Haagen Dazs, any 14 oz. + (exp 7/31)
$1 off Infusium 23 Shampoo, Conditioner or leave-in treatment (exp 8/31)
$1 off Jack Link’s Jerky or Nugget Item (exp 10/31)
$2 off Jimmy Dean Country Breakfast Casserole (exp 8/31)
$1 off Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage Minis (exp 8/31)
$1 off Midol product, any (exp 12/31)
$1/2 Market Creations Varieties from Lean Cuisine (exp 8/31)
$2 off Nature Made Sleep (exp 8/31)
$5 off Nature Made TripleFlex (exp 8/31)
$1 off WYB any Nivea Body Wash Product and All You August Issue (exp 8/27)
$1.50 off NUK Breastfeeding Products (says Store Coupon Valid 6/18- 12/31). Valid only in the US.
$5 off NUK Gentle Flow Manual Breast Pump (says Store Coupon Valid 6/18 – 12/31). Valid only in the US.
$2 off Rimmel Bronzer (exp 7/31) (says Purchase at Walmart on the bottom)
$2 off Schick Disposable Razor, any (not valid on trial or travel sized items) (exp 7/30)
$4 off Schick Quattro for Women or Schick Intuition Plus Razor or Refill (exp 7/30)
Free Starkist Tuna Salad or Creations Pouch WYB (2) Starkist Pouch Products (exp 8/13)
$1 off Sunsilk Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styling Product (exp 8/18)
$.50/1 Tetley Tea box (exp 7/31)
$.75/1 Viva Towels Big Roll 2pk.+ (exp 8/31)
$1 off White Cloud GreenEarth Paper Towels or Bathroom Tissue (exp 8/18)
$1 off WYB Windex Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit and All You August Issue (exp 8/27)

The coupons are an awesome part of the magazine, but the best parts of the magazine are the articles! The magazine is devoted to helping you save money - whether it be through tips, advice, how to's or their coupons.

If you would like to get a subscription to All You magazine, Amazon has them for $10 for 6 months, or you can go through Shop at Home and find and pay $13.98 for 12 months including the 30% cash back. (Plus $5 when you join!) All You magazine is the #2 Magazine on (behind #1 Cosmo) This magazine is VERY worth the price!

Thanks, for typing up the list of coupons!

And Congratulations to My fellow Mommy, Courtney - MyDFWMommy, for having an article in this months All You! :-)

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What's for Dinner? How about Freschetta!

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well, I did it again. I ordered Pizza last night. This is getting to be a once-a-week occurrence here in our house - and it is getting very expensive! I paid over $30 for pizza and some chicken wings - (a measley 10!) and some cheesesticks. When I get all that, everyone is satisfied by something. But the price? You have got to be kidding me!
So, I just decided the this morning as I was eating leftovers that I was going to stop ordering pizza every week (maybe just once a month?) and have frozen pizza instead. My frozen pizza brand of choice? Freshcetta! A few months ago, Freschetta had a coupon on, and I was able to get it for around $4. We tried it…and hooray - it was a hit! We all really liked it. I thought it tasted very much like delivered pizza and the crust was just soft enough that I ate the whole slice, not leaving any crumbs. My husband thought some slices were a little “saucy”, so I’m glad they have come up with a new Flatbread that hopefully will have less sauce on it for him. Both boys enjoyed it too - I was happy to have a cost effective meal for the whole family. I ended up using every coupon I printed, and we happily ate the pizzas for a few weeks. And then, the coupon disappeared and you know me - no coupon = no pizza!
Well, I just found out that the Freschetta site has a coupon for $1 off! Awesome..I’m thinking I know what will be for dinner this weekend!
We are probably going to be trying the new Freschetta FlatBread to please my husband. I can’t decide between the Zesty Italian or the Pepperoni. Although I think the Zesty Italian sounds super tasty, I’m sure we will go with the traditional pepperoni. So, the next time you pick up the phone to order pizza, (or click online like I do) think twice and maybe in the time it takes to deliver a pizza you can run to the store and grab a much cheaper and just as yummy option! And don’t forget to save that dollar with their coupon! Mmmmmm!

Visit my sponsor: Freschetta Pizza

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Freebie Friday Round-up June 18th

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If you missed any of the Freebies this past week - here is a summary!

To see all of the freebies available, check my Freebies Tab! Many of the freebies are still available!

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It's Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

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It's Mega Swag Bucks Friday! What does that mean? When you search through Swagbucks all of today, you'll have a chance at winning higher than average bucks, like 100, 200, 500, or even 1000! I love swagbucks for earning free giftcards or Amazon money!
We have added a widget to the bottom of our page. You can check it each time you are on for Swagcodes. Just click on the SC button and it will tell you if there is a swagcode available or not!
Not a member of Swagbucks? What are you waiting for? It is an easy and fun to earn free money! Go here to learn more about Swagbucks and to join. Oh and you'll get 30 free Swag Bucks for joining! Or you can sign up on the Widget below. I like to search for mycnymommy - I get swagbucks all the time for that search! I almost have enough points to get a FREE Amazon Gift Card!
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Sunday Coupon Preview June 20th

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Keep in mind coupons will vary depending on the region and the newspaper. Thanks to Taylor Town Preview for the information! I've highlighted the coupon amounts that will probably be different in our region - generally they will be a higher amount ($1)and most likely be on two items. So instead of saving $.50 on 1 item, you will save $1.00 on two - still 50 cents but you have to buy 2. (One of the downfalls in living in a coupon doubling area)


Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill pack $1/1 or 2 single refills (8/1/10)
Air Wick Scented Oil i-motion Starter Kit $4 (8/1/10)
Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-motion Starter Kit $4 (8/1/10)
Air Wick Aqua Mist $1 (8/1/10)
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste or Whitening Booster, 2.4 oz+ $1 (9/30/10)
Aveeno Nourish Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Product $1 (9/30/10)
Aveeno $2/2 (9/30/10)
Bausch & Lomb Soothe or Soothe XP $3 (8/31/10)
Better Than Ears Treats or 8oz Guilt-Free Treats $1 (9/20/10)
Boca Meatless Product $1 on 2 (8/15/10)
Bonine Motion Sickness Medicaton $1 (10/31/10)
Buitoni Frozen Meal for Two $1.50 (9/30/10)
Claussen Pickles $1 on 2 (8/15/10)
Dole Mandarin Oranges $1 on 3 (9/30/10)
Domino Sugar, 4 lbs+ AND Ten (10) regular unsweetened KOOL-AID Packets $2 (7/31/10)
Easy Off Heavy Duty or Fume Free Oven Cleaner .50 (9/12/10)
Easy Off Glass Cooktop or BBQ Grill Cleaner .75 (9/12/10)
Frenchs Mustard .30 (8/31/10)
Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion or Sanitizer .75 (10/31/10)
Gold Bond Powder .75 (10/31/10)
Gold Bond Anti-Itch Cream or Lotion .75 (10/31/10)
Gold Bond Foot Care .75 (10/31/10)
Good Seasons Recipe Mix, 4 or 5 pack $1 (7/31/10)
Huggies Diapers $1.50 (7/17/10)
Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers $1.50 (7/17/10)
Huggies Baby Wipes, 64 ct+ .50 (7/17/10)
Jello Gelatin, Mousse or Pudding Refrigerated $1 (7/20/10)
Kraft Dressing, 14oz or 16 oz $1 (8/22/10)
Land O Lakes Deli Cheese Product $1 on 2 (8/31/10)
Land O Lakes Deli Cheese, one (1) lb $1 (8/31/10)
LimeAway .75 (9/12/10)
Luster 1 Hour White $5 (9/30/10)
Luster Weekend White $2 (9/30/10)
Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayo $1.50 on 2 (8/15/10)
Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product, no trial .75 (7/25/10)
Mop & Glo $1 (9/12/10)
Off! Insect Repellent .55 (10/2/10)
Off! Insect Repellents $1.50 on 2 (10/2/10)
Old English $1 (9/12/10)
Orajel or Orajel Toddler Product $1 (8/29/10)
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1 on 2 (8/15/10)
Pam for Grilling .50 (8/8/10)
Planters Big Nut Bars, 5 ct or Nutrition Bars, 5 ct $1 (8/31/10)
Raid Ant & Roach Product $1 (8/14/10)
RayOVac Alkaline or Hearing Aid Batteries $1 (8/21/10)
Reddiwip .35 (8/8/10)
Reynolds Wrap, excluding 20,25,30 sq ft $1 (7/31/10)
Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Aluminum Foil $1 (7/31/10)
Schick Quattro Disposable Razor $1 (7/18/10)
Scott Towels, Bath Tissue, Napkins, Flushable Wipes, Scrub Cloths $4 Rebate (mail-in) (7/12/10)
Solo or Bare by Solo $1 (8/31/10)
Sorrento Ricotta or Block Mozzarella Cheese $1 on 2 (9/30/10)
Ssips $1 on 3 (Three) 64oz cartons or Two (2) Ten-pack of Ssips Drink Boxes (7/31/10)
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew $1 (7/31/10)
Terra Chips Product, 5oz or+ $1 (9/20/10)
Viva Big Rolls .85 (8/1/10)


Advil PM, 16ct+ $1 (8/31/10)
Amdro Kills Ants & Roach Products $1 ( 9/30/10)
Aveeno Sun Care AND 2 (two) Benedryl Products, no trial $3 (9/20/10)
Benedryl, Adult Allergy, no trial $1 (9/20/10)
Benedryl Topical Anti-Itch, no trial $1 (9/20/10)
Bengay Product, no trial $2 (9/20/10)
Contessa MicroSteam or on the Stove Meals $1.50 (9/20/10)
Eggo Frozen Products $1 on 2 (8/15/10)
ERA Laundry Detergent $1 (7/31/10)
Grain Berry Antioxidant Cereals $1 (9/30/10)
Grain Berry Antioxidant Snack Crackers $1 (9/30/10)
Grain Berry Pancake or Muffin Mix $1 (9/30/10)
GUM Toothbrush, any $1 (8/31/10)
GUM Accessory $1 (8/31/10)
Hebrew National Beef Franks $1 on 2 (8/8/10)
Hefty EZ Foil pans $1 on 2 packages DND (8/31/10)
InStyle Magazine $1 (9/10/10)
LOreal Facial Cleanser $1 (9/12/10)
LOreal Facial Moisturizer $1 (9/12/10)
LOreal Healthy Look Haircolor $3 (9/12/10)
LOreal Paris Cosmetic $1 (9/12/10)
LOreal Sublime $1 (9/12/10)
LOreal Magic Perfecting Base by Studio Secrets Professional $2 (9/12/10)
Morton Season-All Product, 5oz+ .50 (7/31/10)
Neosporin AND Band-Aid Product, no trial $1.50 on 2 (8/31/10)
Neosporin or Band-Aid Product, no trial .50 (8/31/10)
Nivea Body Lotion, 8.4 fl oz-16.9 fl oz $1 (8/31/10)
Nivea Body Wash for Women, 8.4 fl oz-16.9 fl oz $1 (8/31/10)
Pampers Cruisers $2 (7/31/10)
Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers $2 (7/31/10)
Pampers Wipes, 180ct+ $1 (7/31/10)
Pedigree Little Champions Pouch Pack Variety, 8 or 12 ct $1 (9/10/10)
Pedigree Goodbites Treats for Dogs $1 (8/15/10)
Pedigree Jumbone Treats for Dogs $1 (8/15/10)
Pure Protein Bars $1 on 2 (7/31/10)
Pure Protein Powder of Drink $1 (7/31/10)
Sevin (lawn treatment for bugs) $1 (9/30/10)
Splenda, any $1 DND (9/20/10)
Sprayway Glass Cleaner, 19oz $1 (9/30/10)
StarKist Tuna Salad or Creations Pouch B2G1F up to $2.20 (8/15/10)
Studio Line or Vive Pro Glossy Style Styling Product $1 (9/12/10)
Temptations Treats for Cats $1 on 3 (8/1/10)
Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner $1 (9/12/10)

Thanks My Chicago Mommy!
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