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Check out the NEW Taste of Boardwalks in Cicero, NY!

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If you have ever been to an actual "boardwalk" city, like Ocean City. MD (been there) or Myrtle Beach, SC (been there too) - you will probably like the addition of Taste of Boardwalks to the CNY Menu. I went there yesterday to see what all the cars in the parking lot last weekend meant - was I missing something wonderful?

Taste of Boardwalks is located in the former Hollywood Video building on Rte. 11 (across from Market Plaza - Panera, Price Chopper, Buffalo Wild Wings etc) If you have been in CNY as long as I have been - you may remember the building used to be Peter Harris Clothes way back when. (And if you remember what it was before THAT - bless you! :)  )

Anywhos - I visited the new hot spot yesterday and took my 3 year old with me. I figured if him and I both approved - I could give it a MyCNYMommy approval. ;) Upon arriving, we checked out the inside building first, and after inquiring about where to order lunch we headed back outside to the food truck. Matthew had already proclaimed he wanted "Chicken Nuggets and French Fries" so I was glad to see Chicken Tenders on the menu - in fact there is a Kids Meal with Chicken Tenders and fries so he ordered that while I decided on a Roast Beef Hoagie Sandwich. The sandwich selection on the menu was extensive, and there were a few choices for kids as well. The one thing lacking was a selection (or really anything at all) of healthy items. Co-owner Glen Zinszer tells me that they are looking to add a couple healthy options in the coming weeks. (So if you want that - be sure to let them know!)

Since I blog about deals every day I wanted to comment on the pricing of the food. The prices on the menu are comparitive to any of the local restaurants, or if you have been to a boardwalk - about the same prices you would find there. Matthew's and my lunch was $13 and change. That was for a Sandwich for me, a kids meal with Chicken Tenders and Fries and for a small soda. A little pricey maybe, but I would suggest splitting the kids meal amongst more than one child - Matthew couldn't eat it all, so I helped him finish his meal. And because of this I can tell you how authentic the taste of the food is to tasting like "board-walk food". It really did remind me of eating at a beach! Glen told me they tried 24 different kinds of Tenders before choosing the one that had the right "board walk fit".

I was also disappointed the menu selection didn't include any juice or milk for kids. They do carry bottle water (which you can purchase inside), but hopefully they will fix this as well.

You can eat either outside or inside, and since it was almost 90 yesterday..we headed indoors with the air conditioning. They have quite a few tables set up inside and a very long wall with a booth type backing. We loved eating in there and they had a childrens movie playing on a huge TV on the wall - so Matthew was content while eating his lunch - which makes mama happy!

Now inside Taste of Boardwalks is an ice-cream "parlor" - at least that is what I would call it. Again, if you have ever visited a beach town - you may have been in a Baskin Robbins or another ice-cream place. The Taste of Boardwalks is like no other place I can think of in CNY to get ice-cream. Seriously. I asked my hubby and together we couldn't think of one place where you could go and get ice-cream year round in CNY where all they sell is ice-cream. Friendly's of course, but Friendly's can't beat the ambiance of Taste of Board Walks. Here are some pics of the Ice-Cream area:

The employee was playing ball with Matthew - keeping him busy! :) LOVE the employees!

Glen says that the Ice-Cream part of the establishment will be year round (cause he likes to go get ice-cream in November). This is the kind of place I see baseball teams (or any sport - you get the idea) coming to after a game - everyone can mill around and connect the way the area is arranged. They carry a line of hard ice-cream, (I saw Turkey Hill in the freezer) and soft-serve ice-cream as well as walk away sundaes and other sweet treats. Oh, and if you are a kid and you bring in your end of year report card and it has an "A" on it - you can get a FREE Ice-Cream cone right now. Sweet! I almost went back again last night with the rest of my family to enjoy the ice-cream!

Now, the rest of the place - is a seasonal retail store. So, right now they have 1/2 the store dedicated to Summer "Life is Good" merchandise, and the other half of the store has SU athletic apparel. There really was an extensive selection of each type of merchandise. And the prices were reasonable as well. The owners aren't interested in selling mechandise of sub-par quality. If you want a $2 shirt - you can head to Wal-Mart just up the road. Instead they are focusing on giving a better quality item at a price that isn't outrageous. Sounds like my kind of place.

In late September, you will still be able to find the Life if Good line and the SU line, but the majority of the store will be full of Halloween Costumes from Halloween Twilight (one of only 4 in the country!). The selection will have licensed costumes so no cheap knock offs here! It sounds like they plan to offer a HUGE selection at a reasonable price. I can't wait to check it out when it is all in. (ok, I can wait a bit!)

After Halloween, the store will shift again for the Holidays - with a sports theme, an SU area, and another section they are still working on. If you have been to the Christmas Tree Shoppe and can recall the first section of the store that you see when you walk in - the seasonal area - think of that type of concept for the store. Except, think better quality stuff. THAT will be Taste of Boardwalks.

Overall, I cannot wait to go back and see how they change things up since yesterday (they are still adding stuff each day!)and each season.The owners have a TON of stuff planned for the store and ice-cream area - I think it will be well worth it for everyone to check in to see what they have going on every month! If you want up to date info on the happenings at Taste of Boardwalks - LIKE their Facebook Page!

Now we are hoping that they will give us (MyCNYMommy peeps!) some special deals  or coupons - so stay tuned for that! Thanks to Taste of Boardwalks for letting me and Matthew take a peek around yesterday!

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