Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Message from MyCNYMommy:

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I'm sure everyone has noticed the lack of posts the last several days. I wanted to update you all on my plans for MyCNYMommy and the direction I would like to take the blog into 2013.

I started MyCNYMommy almost 3 years ago with a vision in mind of what I wanted to do to help people become more frugal and save money for their families. We have accomplished much in this time and I am so grateful and appreciative of all that has been achieved by me and by the numbers of families I have been able to touch. I couldn't be more blessed with how MyCNYMommy has changed my life and the lives of many others.

That being said, during the time I have devoted to MyCNYMommy I have sacrificed time in other areas of my personal life, mainly with my children and family. And that is time I cannot get back. I've felt that "mom guilt" for a while now, but kind of pushed it away thinking that many things I could "get to in a minute". I've been struggling with finding that balance between family life and work life for a long time. I know working moms and dads everywhere around the world struggle everyday as well.

Last Friday's events we all know affected everyone around the world. How I choose to let it affect me is to change some of how I manage my life. All of those poor little children the same ages as 2 of my own kids - can't have died without there being a lesson somewhere. I always believe behind every tragedy is a lesson learned. And that lesson will never be the same for each person. For me, my lesson is to live w/o regrets. Typically I have no regrets in many areas of my life. I stand by decisions I've made and never look back.

But, when it comes to the life I imagined with my children and the path we are on now, I do have some regrets. I can't even imagine if their little lives were to end now. If something that horrible were to happen, I want to be able to say the life they had, whether it be cut very short, was one filled with joy and promise and love and compassion. I owe it to my kids to give them that. We know not everyday can be wonderful, but overall they deserve my best shot at giving them a more positive life.

That being said, I still want to continue blogging and helping families as I feel I was called to do. I most certainly will be staying on this frugal journey with all of you. I feel pulled in so many directions that I am not able to give the best I can to my site and that isn't fair to any of my wonderful readers.

So, I am taking the next several days off to spend with my family. We typically take one or 2 vacations together every year and this we did none. So I think I deserve the time off. :)

I am also taking the time to get organized in my home and work schedule so that I can manage everything a little easier for me without feeling chaotic everyday.

I intend to be back 100% sometime the first week of January. I will be posting a few things here and there that I am obligated to do so, but for the most part the site will be taking a little leave of absence.

I have many visions of the direction I would like to take the site in next year and I know that this time will allow me to put many of those steps in place to achieve those visions.

I hope and pray that my faithful readers will return to see the bigger and better site in January - it will be well worth the wait I promise!

I hope everyone is having the best possible holidays possible this year. And if you aren't I pray that you find the comfort you need. God Bless you all from my family to yours and happiest of holidays and a bright new year.

Love always,

Andrea, MyCNYMommy

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