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Great New York State Fair Review 2014

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I'm sad that the Great New York State Fair is almost over. :( I LOVE the fair so many great memories over the years. I think what I love the most is how it appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Doesn't matter who you are, the fair has something for everyone. From food and fun rides to shops and slushies, crafts and concerts to animals and atmosphere - everyone enjoys. Now mind you, there have been a couple times I have gone and not had the best time. 9 years ago when my ex-husband parked like 2 million miles away from the entrance and I was pregnant with our first son - I was not a happy camper that day. And last year, my sister was in town so we ended up bringing my then 3 year old twins to the fair. It was hot, my girls needed a cumbersome wagon... I was cranky. Wish it had gone better because my sister and I have such great fair memories and she rarely gets to go.

So this year I was really looking forward to going to the fair because I was headed there with a friend! It's been years since I have gone with a friend. Usually it's with family or a spouse or a date. Needless to say I was excited since I think the last time a friend and I went together Bill Clinton was in office? Yikes! So sad.

Melissa and I about to make our way to the fair gates!
Last Saturday my friend Melissa came to pick my butt up and we headed out to the Great New York State Fair. We parked, thought we noted where, and then shuttled off to the entrance. See - that's me at the entrance! We are through the gates and first thing we see are the Lost Kid Tags...Melissa asked if I needed to wear one. She knows me well! :) We grabbed a Fair Map and a schedule of events for the evening and headed to look for food. And a bathroom. (I am 27 weeks pregnant remember!) We went through an awesome air conditioned restaurant (with fabulous prices and not busy) on our way into the Center of Progress Building. Found an awesomely clean bathroom but opted to keep looking for food.

We headed down to the midway where I was pleasantly surprised to find a few games priced at $0.50 each. (Much better than the local carnival I went to where games started at $2-$3 each!)  I also noted that the rides all were either 3 or 4 tickets each and had a variety of height requirements which was nice.

Next we headed down restaurant row and found a place called Santillo's Italian Sausage where we opted to grab a burger and fries. Besides the "fake" cheese, both were pretty tasty!

Baby Got Milk :)
One thing I always loved as a kid was the 25 cent milk in the dairy building. As an adult I stupidly refused to stand in line for a little bitty cup of milk. Melissa wanted a cup so we went. And I was surprised to see that the cups weren't as little as they used to be! (or as I remembered them to be) More like a 6-8 oz size than the 4oz I remembered. Well worth the money and the line went super fast. And refreshing!

While in the dairy building I also noted some yummy looking cute cookies from Corsos Cookies that my kids  would love. I think they were priced around $3 each.

We walked around some more where I introduced Melissa to one of my fair favorites - Roasted Corn! Seriously...tell me you've had this awesome veggie treat! Roasted Ear of corn, dipped in butter and you can add whatever spices you want. At one time this delectable treat used to be $1.50.. this year it was $3 but still worth it IMO.

Next we wandered over to near the Grandstand (OK, Mr. Worldwide just happened to have just started his show) and listened for a bit before making our way back towards the midway to find The Villa. Always a tradition for me since I was a kid - Pizza Fritz (what my family calls it) is the last thing we get before we leave
the Fair. YUM! And I always love the music they blast too.

As usual, we (I) got lost trying to get back to Gate 1. The good thing is we passed a bunch of the vendors along the edge of the Fair and many were giving things away! Tim Horton's  was handing out donuts and icj cookies was passing out little bags of cookies. More YUM!

We eventually made our way to gate 1, the centro bus and after getting off at the wrong stop finally the car. I slept so good that night! We were only there for a couple of hours because this pregnant mama isn't used to that many hours on my feet. I was so sore for 2 days after going!

I have wanted to get back to bring my kids to the fair so badly! There was so much more I wanted to see. I  am hoping to make it for the last day which is the $1 day. Admission, rides and several vendors are participating in the $1 extravaganza. We'll see!

If you haven't been yet, try to go! If you missed it this year, put the Fair on your calendar for next year as
the changes made have been well received from everything I have seen and heard!

Thanks to Melissa for coming with me as we wandered through the Fairgrounds. I know her feet hurt like mine did at the end of the evening. Comfy shoes are a must!

Can't wait til next year!

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