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Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream in Syracuse thru January 3rd + Review

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What would the days after Christmas be like without our beloved Disney on Ice tradition here in Syracuse? This year's show is Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt. Last night began the first of 8 Disney on Ice shows here in Syracuse. And, as usual, the show was nothing short of spectacular! Many thanks to Feld Entertainment for providing my family with tickets to see this year's show.

This year's show started off a little different than I remembered - a huge party on ice before the story telling began. So much fun and everyone was boogieing (is that a word??) in their seats! Narrated in between each act by our favorites: Mickey, Minnie and Goofy!

The first act of the show was the story of the Princess Snow White. Told in classic Disney Style with the haunting mirror, the huntsman and the sweet 7 dwarfs (or gnomes as my daughter called them - I have officially failed as a Disney parent!!) all the way thru Snow White asking the audience if she should take a bite out of the offered apple. Thankfully there were many kids in the audience that DO know the fairy tale other than my kids and they all enthusiastically shouted, "NO!". Alas, she bit the apple anyways and the prince came to her rescue amidst the weeping dwarves. Snow White awakens and the prince carries her away to the delight of the audience.

Next came the charming tale of Cinderella and her evil Step Mother and Step Sisters.

Our seats for the show this year were just a few rows up from the ice and I have to say that the experience is so much different than up above. I wouldn't say that either location to watch the show is any better; there are pluses and minuses to both spots. But, it is definitely a different experience closer to the ice. For one, the characters skate over and interact with the audience. At one point during the Cinderella show, one of the evil step sisters (green dress.. I can never remember who is who!) came over and smiled at our section. Then frowned. Then stuck her tongue out at us. LOL!! I loved it! While I missed the opening signature song for Cinderella, there was a lot of Bibbity Bobboty booing around the ice transforming Cinderella into a beautiful princess ready for the ball. More antics from the evil step sisters at the ball had the audience in laughter and smiles of joy watching the Prince with Cinderella. You likely know how the rest of the story goes...I won't spoil all the antics of the step sister's but the acting was superb this year!

This part of the show was synchronized! Reminded me of the rockettes!

Intermission comes near the end of Cinderella - just enough time to grab a quick snack! I have to say I usually never allow my kids to buy or eat anything in any of the years we have gone. This year we didn't get a chance to eat dinner prior to the show, so mama caved and we got food at the refreshment stand. I have to say I was quite impressed! My 4 kids and myself shared a couple baskets of tenders and fries - less than $20 and the tenders were FULL of chicken! And they were BIG pieces! Filling enough that I didn't get harrased to get more food after or when we got home. My sister was excited they offered a Veggie Burger for her since she is Vegan. Overall - a success and one I will take note of for future visits to the War Memorial.

The last act, but certainly not the least, was the rousing tale of Rapunzel. By FAR, this was the absolute best part of a Disney On Ice show I have seen. And I have been to several shows the last few years.

Rapunzel is the tenacious tale of a princess that has been locked away in a tower by her "Mother". And, it is the tale of Flynn Rider, a criminal that needs Rapunzel's help - the two strike a deal to help each other out and off they go on an adventurous journey.

The antics between these two kept me smiling thru the entire segment. Plus, I totally forgot about the horse from the movie! I must rewatch Rapunzel again soon. The character of the "mother" - on ice was so much like the movie character - very well done!

And, as I am a sucker for happy & emotional things... tears too could be found in my eyes during parts.

The last few years there have been a few times we have seen the space above the ice used during a show, but nothing like during Rapunzel. I captured a few shots, or at least tried to, but you have to see it in person to appreciate the awe of the moments!

My section also got a little attention, or flirting if you will, from Mr. Flynn Rider. So cute and so well played!

The shouts and thunderous applause from the audience as the story of Rapunzel ended prove I was not the only one who thought the tale of Rapunzel was a resounding success in Syracuse!

How can a Disney show end without seeing all of our princesses once again, along with the surprise of more of our favorite princesses! I love seeing the fancy attire at the end of the show. Helps to keep alive for youngsters that fairy tales can come true! You just have to believe.

If you are trying to decide if you want to see the show - I will say that the first two acts are very similar to the Disney Live from last month. However, the last act of Rapunzel by itself is enough to go see the show. It was that good.

Here are the scheduled remaining shows at the OnCenter War Memorial in Syracuse, NY:

Jan. 1, 2016: 2 p.m.
Jan. 2, 2016: 11 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.
Jan. 3, 2016: 1 and 5 p.m.

You can purchase tickets here.

I recommend getting to the area about 30 minutes minimum prior to show start time to allow parking, getting into the arena, finding seats and a potty break! Also, dress warm - it IS cold with the ice. Lots of kids wear princess gowns so feel free to wear your crowns and gowns! Note that sensible shoes to climb the steps to seats are much better than princess shoes. ;)

I hope you get to see the show! It really is a great time and the last act - stupendous!!

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