Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Get in Shape! Well for me at least....

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Following the get in shape trend, I too am participating in the masses of people trying to lose weight in January. I don't often do this. I prefer to just eat as healthy as I can throughout the year. Unfortunately, having my 5th kid last year took its toll on my body and while I wasn't excited about my body shape before my little guy arrived, I HATED it after. He is definitely worth it, but I owe it to him and my other kiddos to start getting serious about shedding the pounds. Over the last 10 years I've put on 50 (yes, I'm putting myself or there! FIFTY!!!) pounds. That's not all going to come off in a few months I know.

So, I started yesterday a new plan of eating. It's kind of a mesh of a few plans I've wanted to follow for a few years. Most importantly, they all eliminate sugar. And much of the grains. That is my main aim for myself. I'm also trying to eliminate a lot of dairy from my diet. I don't eat much dairy anyways, I've had lactose issues for years. But I love butter. And cheese. Trying to eliminate those will probably be more difficult that eliminating sugar for me.

I'm hoping to stick to this plan for a few months and then slowly add back in some things occasionally. In December all bets are off. I want to enjoy the holidays without restrictions. Though who knows what kind of mindset I'll have by then.  The rest of the year I don't expect every day to be perfect . Or every month. I'm certainly not perfect and I don't expect to look perfect either. My goal is to end the year less than I started it, hopefully down a size or two.
I also have begun to develop some health issues, and getting in shape will help to reduce the effects of added weight.

With all of the above in mind, I might be sharing some of my journey and some of the foods I make. Be inspired! Or pass it over. Either way, I'll share when I can!

If you want to share along with me, use #2016GetInShape as your hashtag on Facebook or Twitter so we can all encourage each other.

Much love and blessings,


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